Split (2017)  5 horns up out of 8.  We are split on this movie. Bah ha.  VioletHör gives it 1.5 horns up (out of 4) Kevin 131 gives it 3.5 horns up.   M. Night Shymalamalananan is back with a movie about a dude who has 20+ personalities. One personality kidnaps 3 young girls and holds them hostage, some of other personalities play along, some not.  Violet didn’t like this movie much at all, it’s not really a horror… so the 1.5 is for the Mcavoy’s acting. Not the M. Night Violet was expecting. Meh.    Kevin131 thought this would be great if it was marketed as a superhero/villain movie, then again when does marketing know what’s best for a flick?