Grave Encounters (2011) 7.5 out of 8 horns held high.   Oh hell yeah, the gold standard of found footage movies.  Best, it makes fun of paranormal investigators… “Ghossssssstttt, can you hearrr us?”  A crew locks themselves inside a psychiatric hospital to film what will be their last episode. It’s all fake anyway.  Too bad for them (and good for us) it doesn’t stay fake for long. Good plot set up, super creepy faces, good jump scares, haunted bathtubs and hellish Labyrinths, David Bowie nowhere to be found, only horror!  We watched it twice and enjoyed both times. VioletHör gives it 3.5, Kevin131 gives it the rare 4 horns up because it’s the best of this genre. We have to beat you if you don’t like this movie.