Rings (2017)  4.5 horns up out of 8. The plot of the original “The Ring” went like this: watch a creepy VHS tape, get a phone call, you got 7 days before you die. However,  who even has a VHS tape anymore??  Maybe my grandmother, or people who won’t let go of their Baby Mozart series.    Rings starts fairly exciting- airline passengers realize they have seen the tape and are trying to outlive the Samara curse.  Unfortunately, things slow a down a bit, the plot drags out, isn’t really scary and the twist ending is not much of a twist… thank goodness for super comfy lay back theater seats and Violethör’s purse full of snacks.  Now we sound like the Grandparents.   VioletHör gives it 2 horns,  Kevin131 2.5 out of 4.