Afflicted (2014).  7.5 horns up out of 8.    A guy with a life threatening brain condition sets out to have a trip a lifetime, brings his best friend along. They bring their cameras to document it, good for us.  All is well until one of them comes across a woman in Paris, she leaves him, yup, afflicted!  Brother should have seen the Eiffel Tower and went home… now he’s left to suffer.  We swear, Trojan condoms could make a mint preventing horror movies.  One of the more original films in this genre….as a matter of fact, we didn’t even know what genre we were watching until the end!  VioletHör gives it 3.5  (out of 4), Kevin131 gives it the rare 4 horns up for being fresh and original in a tired genre, good ending. Wait past the end credits for a surprise too!