The Houses October Built  7.5 horns up out of 8    Five friends hit the road in their RV to film a documentary about the scariest haunted houses.  Each step along the way the haunts get progressively more scary as line between “haunted house” and reality is blurred when they are followed by  a group of disturbing, costumed individuals.  VioletHör gives it 3.5, close to perfect but the first 20 minutes was a bit of a slow RV ride.  However, she even watched the movie twice, the ending that sticks with you.   Kevin131 gives the full haunted house 4 horns up for great use of real places in Texas and what may be the ultimate haunted house movie.  Dark and horrible!  The “Porcelain Girl” scream was enough to be worth the 1 hour and 31 minutes alone.