Exorcismus (2010) 2 shaky horns up out of 8.   A bratty teenage girl starts having epileptic seizures. Turns out it isn’t epilepsy, it’s possession.  Good thing her uncle is a priest and can start excorcismususmusus sessions.  Too bad for us this movie has terrible acting (the “I’m about to be possessed, let me start shaking” by Elisha Cuthbert wanna be lookalike is so bad it’s funny). This movie has a weak plot and nothing that creepy in it. Should have given wannabeElisha a hockey stick, beat the devil out of her. If you get that joke, you are ok by us.   If you are going to make yet another exorcism movie, it better be good. This wasn’t.  Viölethor and Kevin131 both give 1 horn up out of 4.