Deathgasm (2015)  5.5 horns up out of 8 if you are into metal, 4.5  if you are not.     This is a fun horror/comedy from New Zealand. A dude and his friends find out how to play the “Black Hymn” which summons Aeloth from the pits of hell.  Has some funny inside jokes for the black metal, grindcore fans and turns into a fun, gross splatterfest by the end.   VioletHör gives it 2.5 horns out of 4 because it has some good laughs and ridiculousness. Kevin 131 gives it 3 horns out 4 for the metal jokes (such as a guy in corpsepaint eating ice cream and unreadable black metal logos).  2 horns out of 4 if you don’t like metal, you may not get some of the inside jokes which make this movie worthwhile.