The Girl with all the Gifts (2017) Zombified  5.5 horns out of 8   Zombies (the “Hungries”) rule the world, but there is a classroom of kids in a military base who may have some impact on the future of humankind, especially little Melanie.   If you are going to make yet another zombie film, you better have a new take on it and this movie had that going for it. The first 30 minutes started quite strong but slowed down a bit in the middle, even though we do get to see what Glenn Close looks like when she is not boiling rabbits. VioletHör gives it 3 horns out of 4 for an intriguing story and great acting from Sennia Nanua. Kevin131 gives it 2.5/4, would have gotten the solid 3 because the set up was so good, but it slowed in the middle into more standard territory and barking kids didn’t do much for the climax. Woof Woof. Nonetheless, a solid podtastic movie.