The Gateway (2015) 4 horns up out of 8.  A former nurse, now whale activist,  moves into her new apartment to start over. She discovers a portal in her bathroom that sucks her shower curtains out into another dimension.  Ah, this movie had such potential. Original idea, but the movie has a lot of flaws.  VioletHör is still confused a day later.  We don’t like to post specifics that could give away any plot… but who the hell are the 4 dudes that appear through the gateway? Why do people get messed up going through? Why didn’t THEY get messed up going through? And why oh why wasn’t this girl really freaked out to have a portal to hell in her bathroom?? Oh wait, it didn’t really go to hell, just to New Jersey. VioletHör gives it 1.5 out of 4.  Kevin131 gives it 2.5 out of 4, despite the huge flaws, unanswered questions and things that could have made this a really good movie, it was still entertaining the whole way through.