Triangle (2009) 7.5 twisted time line horns out of 8!     A single mother goes on a small boating trip with some friends and they get caught in freak storm.  Forced to abandon ship, they come across a cruise liner but no one is on board other than one suspicious person.  After you get sucked into this movie, you will not want to turn it off. Fans of circular plot horror movies such as Devils Pass and Mine Games will want to go back and hit this one.  May want to be sober while watching so you can follow it. Ah, maybe one whiskey won’t hurt.     VioletHör gives it 3.5 out of 4 horns up, loves the storyline, just stay away from seagulls. Kevin131 give it 4 horns way high, can find nothing wrong with this one. It’s dark, keep you guessing ,and pulls off a brilliant version of the one of the most difficult movie types to make.