Alien Covenant (2017)   Thought provoking…  takes the Alien franchise in a whole new direction.   6 spawned horns out of 8.  The crew of the ship Covenant is headed for an Earthlike planet that they can colonize it. On the way, the ship gets hit, so they divert to what they think is an uncharted planet that is perfect.  Nope, it isn’t.   They find David there (the robot survivor of the ship Prometheus) but the whole crew is dead and David is up to some shenanigans.   Did you see Ex Machina, Terminator?  Never trust AI.   VioletHör and Kevin131 both give this 3 horns out of 4.  If you haven’t at least seen Prometheus, you may want to want to watch before seeing this.  There is already some debate from the die hard Alien fans that this movie goes sideways,  but we both think this is well written, develops Geiger’s Aliens even more and it’s nice to see the plot develop and takes some risks, twists and turns.   This movie ends… and in 15 short years Sigourney Weaver will have to take on what is to come.