In Memorium (2005)   4 grainy average horns out of 8.  A guy is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he moves into a house with his girlfriend and installs cameras to document the last days of his life.  However, they record some spooky supernatural happenings as well.    We found this one from the BlumHouse list of movies to see, it predates Paranormal Activity for the grainy home cam/ found footage genre.  We both give it a solid 2 out of 4 horns. Not bad considering it was 2005 and this movie was before the onslaught of many of the found footage films.   VioletHör has some advice, be nice to your mother, especially if she is dying!

2005, no trailer on YouTube, click on link below to IMDB (where we have our reviews as well!) and click site page for preview.