Black Mountain Side (2014).   WTF. Seriously, WTF.  1 hallucinogenic deer horn barely up out of 8.  This movie gets saved from horns down because VioletHör is too nice and gives it 1 out of 4. Filmed well and the acting is quite good for as crappy as this movie is.    A group of archaeologists are in a remote area and uncover something they think is thousands of years old.  All communications fail and they are isolated. Eventually they all go insane and (semi spoiler) start talking to a GodLike deer or something.  We are not joking. This movie answers no questions it sets up (What is the structure they unearth? Why did some of the workers run away? Why the fuck do the deer talk?) and it really just left us feeling cold from watching all the Canadian snow, eh?    Kevin131 gives this a resounding 0 out of 4, run away dark soul, you have been warned.