WITCH (2014, short)  6 dark and creepy horns up out of 8!    This is a 7 minute short that is one of the better bits of horror we have seen.  This would do well replacing some of the crap in horror compilations such as XX and The Void.  This is a short so we can’t give you too many details without giving anything away: a guy and a girl have an argument, but then are invited into some situations they probably wish they had not entered. VioletHör thought it packed a lot of anxiety in 7 minutes. Kevin131 and Violet both give this 3 out of 4 horns up.  Kevin 131 liked that the short is told out of order. That is it’s strong suit, keeps you guessing until the bitter end. Very bitter end.  But don’t let us tell you about it, you can watch the whole short below!