A Dark Song (2017)  Split decision day here at HorrorHorns.   VioletHör gives this 1 measly horn up out of 4.  Kevin131 gives it the (gasp) holy grail 4 horns up out of 4, drawing the side eye from VioletHör.      A woman hires a man to perform dark rituals so she can communicate with her dead son.   They isolate themselves in an old home and start their black magic.  Violet thought the movie was slow and when it was over gave the “WTF” just happened face and administered low hornage, still confused about the ending.  Kevin131 liked the original plot idea and the tension of guessing whether the occultist the woman hired is for real or just some creepo.  You will have to watch to find out… eerie, tense and original score and sound effects.  We disagreed on this one more so than just about any other movie on our site.  Kevin says give it a watch, Violet says “mehhhh.”