General Cemetery (Cementerio General 2013)  5.5 Spanish Ouija board horns out of 8.   A teenage girl is in mourning after her father dies.   Her group of friends try to lift her spirits (get it? lift her spirits… tah dah!) by playing the Ouija so she and her 11 year old sister can talk to their father one last time.    One guess how that works out for ’em all.  VioletHör gives it 3 out of 4, thought it was a good view, subtitles not distracting at all.  Kevin131 gives it 2.5 out of 4.  It may have crept up to 3 horns, but a few places moved a bit slow paced. In the film’s favor is a good set up and solid delivery of the introductions of the spirits/possessions. Also, after you think the movie is done, it logs in a Final Destination last hoorah ending.  Si.