Annabelle: Creation (2017)  6 creepy doll horns up out of 8.   You know the story by now,  this is the prequel to Annabelle in the Conjuring series.  A dollmaker and his wife grieve the loss of their young daughter, fast forward 12 years and the man and wife open their home as an orphanage to a nun and six girls.  VioletHör and Kevin131 both agree and give Annabelle: Creation 3 horns out of 4, would have given it 3.5 but the film starts a bit slow. However, the second half of the movie has furniture flying, good scare(crows?), evil demons and we find out how the creepy horror doll of our generation was created.  Who cares about Chucky?  This is better than average horror from the now billion dollar (yes, billion dollar) Conjuring money making machine.