The St. Francisville Experiment (2000)  2 limp found footage horns out of 8.     Before we even give a short synopsis, this movie would have gotten zero horns but we made a drinking game that made VioletHör and Kevin131 both give it 1 horn each.      Anytime Madison (or anyone for that matter) says “white light” you have to drink.   Believe us, by the end you won’t remember a damn thing about this movie (unless you have a liver of steel)… thank God.   Perhaps halfway, there will only be handful of “white lights” but by the end you can count on a full blown hangover.  Four young paramornal researchers spend a night in a house believed to be… oh hell, do we even need to set this up?  Given it was made in 2000 (one year after Blair Witch) you can tell they were trying to cash in on the then new “found footage” genre.  Unless you are going to drink, avoid it.  If you are going to drink… please email us at (or tag us on social media) to let us know how you did!