The Houses October Built, Part II     6.5 Porcelain Doll Screams horns up out of 8.     If you haven’t seen Part I, stop everything and go watch it now.  This is of the better/unexpected horror movie series that surprised us despite low ratings on Netflix, IMDB.   Ignore them! This is a fun movie, good idea, with some genuine creep out moments.   After surviving being buried alive in the first movie, our faithful Texans are back at it looking for more haunts… they gotta make some money with guest appearances.  The only smart one of the bunch (for at least 30 minutes of the movie) is the reluctant Brandy, now dubbed CoffinGirl. She had millions of hits as people watched her being buried alive and now people want her for endorsements.   Much like the first movie, this one started a bit slow but methodically ramps into holding your attention and making you genuinely not want to go to any haunted houses!  As good a plot as you could hope for in a sequel…    VioletHör gives it 3 out of 4,  Kevin131 gives it 3.5 out of 4.