INSIDIOUS 4: The Last Key    4.5 out 8 horns up.    You have been living under a big horror rock if you don’t know about the Insidious movies.  Things come in from the dark otherworld The Further, things go out to The Further, sometimes people get trapped there, sometimes someone has to go into The Further to get someone out. You get the idea.   The newest installment follows Elise, (we will never not see her as Madga from There’s Something About Mary) the psychic who can go into the Further.  Someone calls for her help, ends up he lives in her childhood home.  Strange/bad things are happening there with homeowner.  She goes back with her 2 sidekicks Specs and Tucker: now we have a horror plot.   VioletHör gives it 2 out of 4 horns, started a bit slow but enjoyed the jump scares. Not her favorite Insidious movie, but when you consider some of the bad horror out there, this is worth a watch.   Kevin 131 gives it 2.5 out of 4, better than average horror… always remember what borefests many horror movies are, this is not one of them. Maybe not the perfect score, but worth a watch and entertaining.